Wedding Ceremony At The San Gabriel Mission

latino couple getting married at the San Gabriel Mission

These photos were taken at the San Gabriel Mission in San Gabriel, CA. The ceremony took place at the Mission but the reception took place in San Diego. The San Gabriel Mission was founded in 1771 by Father junipero serra. It was built by the local people (known as the Gabrielenos) and Franciscans who's goal was to build- The Pride of the Missions. Today the mission has successfully welcomed it diverse cultural surrounding and the eucharist is celebrated in English, Spanish and Vietnamese languages. The photo above is of the bride and groom during the ceremony.


statue of a holy man infront of the san gabriel mission's entrance interior of the San Gabriel Mission during the wedding

The wedding took place in the fall and in the afternoon. The sun was low on the horizon and it created a warm light that worked well with the hues of the mission. The interior of the mission is dimly lit and like most missions the main focus is towards a very ornate altar. During the ceremony I was allowed to stand near the front of the altar to take photos. But could not move from there until the end of the wedding. This is common in many catholic chruches and it does limit the variety of photos a photographer can produce.


kissing couple after being married bride standing in font of the san gabriel mission arch near the san gabriel mission

The light was really great on this day. There were many areas around the Mission with interesting long shadows being casted on the missions warm tones. The photo above is a groomsmen being kissed by one of the bridesmaids and is a photograph I like because it captures the spontaneity of the moment.


traditional mexican wedding Priest reading the holy bible to the bride at the San Gabriel Mission A portrait of the bride

During the ceremony I managed to sneak out of my confined space and take a photo of the couple. This was only possible because the priest was busy with the rest of congregation. The photo above of the ceremony, was taken using the 16-32mm f2.8 lens at about a distance of eight feet from the bride and a small amount of flash. The interior of the church has beautiful stained glass but unfortunately it also created a lighting challenge in photographs that captured the neon-like reflections created by the stained glass. I had to correct the neon colors in photoshop to convey a more harmonious look.


bride walking towards the altar at the San Gabriel Mission The bride recieving a hug from a family member A portrait in front of the San Gabriel Mission A bridemaid and bouquet walking towards the San Gabriel Mission Four Groomsmen at the San Gabriel Mission groomsmen at the San Gabriel Mission

I took a number of photos of the groomsmen and bridesmaids before the ceremony. The San Gabriel Mission is a popular place for weddings, and on a beautiful day like this one, there were a number of photographers doing old-school (traditional) portraits there. If you have any questions regarding photo opportunities in the San Gabriel Mission, simply contact us by clicking here.


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